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Welcome to India Centre (HCA) Wales Cardiff

Dear All,

Thank you for pledging your support to the Nepal Earthquake Appeal. A lot of you have already bought tickets for the event. We still have tickets remaining and we want to generate as much money as we can for our brothers and sisters who have suffered unimaginable destruction which is made worse by a challenging terrain and limited infrastructure. I know Monday evening is not most convenient time for the event but we were restricted by the availability of the artists. I urge you to commit to this noble cause.

Look forward to seeing you on Monday 15th of June(7.30pm) at Reardon theatre.

For tickets(£20) please contact:

Mrs Kamla Syal: 07788444491
Mrs Sunaina Pubey: 07958568387
Dr. Ravi Tewari: 07863656308
Mr. Ravi Nanapanini: 07795102624
Mr. Yogesh Nathdwarawala: 07961482498
Panditji: 07999267068

Best wishes


Set out below are components of each performance and depending on the time allocated, will be performed by the artist. Thumris, Taranas and Stuti/ Vandanas can be changed in different performances.

SHIV STUTI (Duration of about 7 minutes; replaceable with other stutis/vandanas) - Swati will begin her performance with a prayer devoted to lord Shiva. Believed as originator of all dances and the destroyer of all sin. The lyrics are "Nagendra haraya trilochanaya ....." . This is a mantra that describes lord shiva as one who wears a garland of snake, has three eyes, is bathed by waters of the river Ganga and wears ash all over his body. The piece concludes with Shiva Tandav.

EXPRESSIONS (Duration of about 20 minutes)- This is a high energy part of Kathak dance where the dancer will take the audience into a journey of graceful movements, mesmerising facial expressions, lightning fast spins and the incessant sound of anklets strumming to the beat of the sweet sounds of a tabla, the rumbling roar of a Pakhawaj, melodious tunes emanating from a host of other instruments and the endearing voice of a vocalist. Included in this part will be:

Sounds of nature - a composition using words or sounds reminiscent of sounds from nature, such as chirping of birds, rustling of dry leaves, sound of a waterfall etc.
Paran - a composition where the dancer performs to reverberating sounds of a Pakhawaj.
Lari - a footwork composition where the dancer presents tap dancing in Kathak.
Kavitt - a poem set on a time-cycle; the dancer will perform movements that echo the meaning of the poem.
Tihai - footwork composition, a Kathak speciality.

TARANA (Duration of about 7 minutes)- Tarana is a rhythmic Kathak Dance in which the beauty of rhythm is explained through various movements, various combinations of rhythmic phrases, and stances.

THUMRI (Duration of about 6 minutes)- A romantic song, wherein the dancer depicts a wide range of emotions of a woman in love. The mesmerising facial expressions, shy gestures and graceful body movements combine in this endearing portrayal of a woman in love. The lyrics of the song are "Rangi sari gulabi chunariya re...."

JUGALBANDI (Duration of about 5 minutes)- a rhythmic competition between the dancer's anklets and the beats of a tabla.